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We offer General Administration, Customer Service, and Human Resource Packages as well as a-La-Carte and pay per use services.


Appointment/ Calendar Management (up to 40)
Book Keeping (Quickbooks)
Email Management (up to 200 emails)
Data Entry
Document creation
File Management (Dropbox/ google drive)
PowerPoint Presentations
Proof Reading
Spread Sheets
Supply Management
Travel Arrangements (up to 10)
Voicemail Management (2x daily Monday to Friday)
Word Processing
*mailing and long distance charges will be billed to the client


Customer Service/ Client Retention
Handle Customer Inquiries
Process Orders
Process Refunds
Update Records
*mailing and long distance charges will be billed to the client


Job Announcements/ Postings
Preliminary Interviews
Interview Scheduling
Reference Checks
Employee Surveys
Employee Gift Services
Employee Anniversary/ Birthday/ Recognition Programs
On-boarding/ Training
Performance Reviews
*Additional costs (i.e.: Advertising, mailing, long distance, gifts, etc.) will be billed to the client

Package Bundles

Group packages together to maximize service and savings.

  • Platinum

    Get General Administration, Customer Service and Human Resource packages.

  • Gold

    Group General Administration and Customer Service packages.

  • Silver

    Enjoy the benefits of the General Administration and Customer Service packages.

  • Bronze

    Enrol in the Customer Service and Human Resource packages.


Stand alone or add on services

Email Management
Let SOS Online Business Solutions get your email inbox to zero. With this service, we will respond to emails on your behalf, forward emails, and keep your inbox organized. Pricing is per email account and varies based on email volume.

Correct cosmetic errors. Does not include re-working text or rearranging content.

Copy Editing
Improve style, formatting, and accuracy. We'll make sure there are no inconsistencies and that the style flows well. Of course, we will make sure that its grammatically correct and will re-work text if needed.

Content Editing
More intensive than copy editing. In addition to Copy Editing, we will add to or re-write sections as needed.

Internet Research

Not sure what you need? Start here. Purchase a Trial block of 5 hours to be used as you need it. This will help us both determine what solutions are best for your business.

Logo's, Social Media Management, Website setup and management, Posters, Flyers, and Ads are priced per project. Contact us for more details.

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